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Managing Your Profile

Managing Your Profile

Help existing and potential readers get to know you by showing them your photos, biographical information, feeds to your blogs, videos, and a calendar of your events. Information you add on the Profile tab in Author Central appears on the Author Page.

The Author Page is your chance to tell readers something interesting about yourself, so make sure you include any details about your background, awards you have won, other books you have written, and personal details customers might want to know. Your author photo doesn't need to be professionally created, but should be a high-resolution image.

If your Author Central account has already been verified, your information should appear on the Author Page within 30 minutes. If your account hasn't been verified, we'll save the content you provide and post it as soon as your verification is complete. You won't need to do anything else—we'll send you an e-mail and let you know when the Author Page is ready with your content.

Once your page is live, it can't be deleted, but you can always add or change the information on your Author Page. There's more information on the pages linked below.

  • Biography
    • Adding or Editing a Biography
    • Deleting a Biography
  • Photos
    • Adding Photos
    • Moving or Removing a Photo
  • Blog Feeds
    • Adding a Blog Feed
    • Removing a Blog Feed
  • Events
    • Adding Events
    • Editing Event Information
    • Removing an Event
  • Videos
    • Adding Videos
    • Moving or Removing a Video
  • Twitter Feeds
    • Adding your Twitter Feed
    • Editing your Twitter Name
    • Removing your Twitter Feed
  • Author Page URL
    • Creating your Author Page URL
    • Share your Author Page URL on Twitter & Facebook
    • Use your Author Page URL in your Email Signature
*If the name of the Author Page is incorrect, Contact Us. Select the options My Author Page > Other > I want to change the name of the Author Page. To make Author Pages simple and easy for customers to view, we require that the name of the Author Page generally match the author name listed for your books.