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Your Biography

Managing Your Biography

Here’s your chance to tell readers all about yourself, or at least what you want them to know. You can see a sample biography at

Adding or Editing a Biography

We recommend writing the text in the word processor of your choice and saving it on your computer so you always have a saved copy. You can then copy the text and paste it onto the Author Central Profile Page.

  1. On the Author Central Author Page tab, click edit biography next to "Personal Biography."
  2. Enter text that meets the following guidelines. You can copy and paste the text from your computer.
    • At least 100 characters
    • Plain text only—no bold, italics, HTML or other rich formatting
  3. Click Preview biography to review your work.
  4. When you’re satisfied, click Save biography.

Your uploaded biography will appear on the Author Page within 30 minutes.

Important: If you’ve signed in to your Author Central account, but not used it for a period of time, you may be asked to log in again. If that happens, your work will not be saved. To avoid losing your biography, we recommend first typing it in a word processor and then pasting it into the text box.

Don’t forget to keep your biography up to date with your awards and new publications.

Deleting a Biography

  1. Next to "biography," click delete.
  2. Confirm your decision by clicking Delete on the confirmation message that appears.

Your biography will be removed from the Author Page within 30 minutes.