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Uploading Photos

Adding Photos

You can add up to eight images, and choose the order in which they appear.

  1. Select photos that meet the following guidelines and are saved on your computer. You can see a sample image at
    • Only JPEG (or JPG), GIF, or PNG photos, no other formats
    • No more than 4MB in size
    • Between 300 and 8000 pixels in width and height.
      To see the dimensions, right-click on your image and select Properties or View Image Info.

  2. On the Author Page tab, click add photo.
  3. Click Browse and select your photo.
  4. Click the box to confirm that you own or have cleared all rights to the photo you are adding, and then click Upload photo.

The most recently added photo becomes the primary one customers see on the Author Page. You can change the order or delete a photo by clicking manage. All photos you add are displayed on the Author Page. Customers can hover over any picture to see it full size. You can also hover over a picture on the Author Profile tab to see photos full size.

Moving or Removing a Photo

  1. Next to "Photos," click manage.
  2. Select the photo you want to move or delete
    • To change the order of photos, drag the photo to the desired position.
    • To delete a photo, drag it to the bottom section.
  3. Click Save.