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Managing Blog Feeds

Managing Blog Feeds

Using blog feeds, also known as RSS feeds, you can share your musings, reflections, and opinions with readers. To display teasers of your most recent blog posts on the Author Page, you add blog feeds on your Author Central Profile tab.

Adding a Blog Feed

When you add a blog feed, you are linking to a blog you’ve created elsewhere. Whenever you update your blog, the blog teasers that appear on the Author Page on update automatically, within 24 hours of being posted on your blog.

  1. Next to "Blogs" on the Profile tab in Author Central, click add blog.
  2. Enter the feed address for your blog. Note: Make sure you enter the feed address, not the blog address.
    • If you use Wordpress, add /feed/ to your blog's URL. For example, if your blog is named writer, and is at, your feed address would be
    • If you use Blogger, use either of the following formats, replacing yourblogname with the name of your blog.
    • If you use another blogging service, you should be able to find instructions for obtaining your feed address on their help pages. Another easy way to find a feed address is to go to your blog and look for the universal RSS icon. Click the icon to go to a page whose URL is your blog feed address.
  3. Click Add.

If you add the blog feed and receive a message that your feed has been successfully added to the Author Page, but the feed does not appear on your Author Central Profile tab, it may be because you are already syndicating the feed on another website. If so, simply add another character, such as “&” or “?” to the end of your feed address and Author Central will add the feed.

Invalid feed address message

If you receive an error message that you have not entered a valid feed address, you might have entered either an invalid feed address, or an address in a format that is not currently supported by Author Central. To determine if the feed address you are attempting to add is valid, you can check it at

If your feed address is deemed valid but you cannot add it in Author Central, it is probably in a format Author Central does not currently support. You may still be able to add your RSS feed to the Author Page by using a feed management service, such as FeedBurner or a similar service. Feed management services encounter fewer compatibility issues.

Removing a Blog Feed

You can stop importing a blog feed at any time.

  • To remove feeds that already appear on the Author Page, on your Author Central Profile tab, click the trash can icon next to the feed you want to remove. The feed typically will disappear from the Author Page within one day.
  • To remove manually created posts you made before August 15th, 2010, please contact us. We can remove all manual posts at once, but cannot remove individual manual posts.
  • To remove newer posts, you can click the posts on your Author Page and remove them manually.