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Book Extras

Book Extras is one example of the many areas where Amazon is innovating to improve the book shopping experience. Book Extras contain information about the book added by the Shelfari Community, which consists of authors, Amazon customers, and users. Information can include series information, character descriptions, settings and important places, memorable quotes, and more.

Where to find Book Extras

If content about your book has been added on

  • On the Books tab of your Author Central Account.
  • On the Kindle device, while reading, a link to Book Extras appears below Customer Reviews.
  • On Kindle for iPhone and Kindle for iPad, while reading, touch the book icon at the bottom of the screen and select Book Extras.
  • Book Extras is not currently available on Kindle for the PC, nor is it currently available on your book’s Product Detail Page on

You can add, edit, and delete Book Extras information

On the Book Extras tab, there is a link directly to the book’s page on where you can add or edit the information. You will receive an author badge when you sign in, so additions and changes you make are identified as being made by the book’s author.

Book Extras is edited for accuracy by the community, including you. If you see something that is inaccurate, you can correct it yourself, flag that piece of content as inaccurate or inappropriate, or delete it. All changes to the content are tracked and visible to the entire community. You can delete offensive content—content that is obscene, defamatory, fraudulent, inciting, or criminal in nature—and also report it to

The book’s page on Shelfari has an option near the top of the page to notify you when anyone makes a change to the page.


If a comment is identified as containing a plot spoiler, the notice “Spoiler alert!” appears. Readers who want to read the spoiler click the down arrow. They are then taken to the book page on Shelfari to read the full comment.

If you find content that should be identified as a spoiler but isn’t, you can mark it as a spoiler, and the alert will appear.

Why Book Extras might not appear

Book Extras only appear on a book’s Product Detail Page if several Shelfari comment sections about the book are filled out. It’s a good idea to sign in to Shelfari using your account information, and add the content yourself.

What is the Shelfari Community?

The Shelfari Community includes and Shelfari users, but the information on Shelfari can be read by anyone. Shelfari lets members create a virtual bookshelf, and add facts and comments about the books on their shelf. Readers can also join and form book clubs.

As well as the Books Extras tab, the Shelfari book page has tabs for Readers & Reviews, Discussions, and Editions. We encourage you to participate in the discussions on these tabs.