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News About Upcoming Change in Display of Tweets

As of August 13, due to a change in the service provider used to surface updates from Twitter, Tweets will not be visible on Author Pages. We are in the process of working to reestablish this functionality as soon as possible; however we do not currently know how long this will take to resolve.

If you have already linked your Twitter account via Author Central, there is no need to take any action.

Adding a Twitter Feed

Twitter is a form of social media—a way to share reviews, comments, and messages. Using short messages—called tweets—of up to 140 characters, you can turn existing and potential readers into followers, and create new interest in you and your book. A Twitter account is free, and can be an excellent marketing tool. People can subscribe to other people’s tweets. This is known as “following,” and people who subscribe are known as "followers."

Adding or Editing Your Twitter Account

When you add a Twitter account, you allow the Author Page to display tweets you create on The most recent tweets you post appear on the Author Page within a few minutes.

To share your latest tweets on the Author Page:

  1. Next to "Twitter" on the Profile tab in Author Central:
    • If you don’t yet have your Twitter account added, click add account.
    • To change your username, click edit twitter.
  2. Enter your Twitter username.
  3. Click Save.

Invalid username message

If the Twitter username you enter is incorrect, an error message will appear.

Removing Your Twitter Account

You can stop importing your Twitter account at any time. On your Profile tab in Author Central:

  1. Next to “Twitter,” click remove.
  2. Confirm your decision by clicking Remove on the confirmation message that appears.

Your Twitter account will be removed from the Author Page within a few minutes.