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Correcting your Book's Product Details

If anything in the Product Details section of the book's page is incorrect, select your Book on the Books tab of Author Central, select the Book Details tab on the Book page, then click the Suggest product information updates link. If information other than the Product Details is incorrect, contact us and let us know.

Submit Content Corrections

The Catalog Update Form allows customers to submit corrections or additions to information on select detail pages across the site.

About the Form

What is the Catalog Update Form?

The Catalog Update Form allows you to request changes to detail pages on the site. You can correct typographical errors and incorrect information, as well as add information to select fields.

How can I find the Catalog Update Form?

Where available, you'll find the form at the bottom of the "Product Details" section of the detail page. In the final sentence, next to "Would you like to...," click the link to "Update Product Info."

Are there any requirements to use the form?

The form requires you to sign in, so you will need an account. Other than that, the only requirement is that you know your information to be correct. Only include the specific information that should appear online; comments, questions, and the like cannot be accepted via the Catalog Update Form, and will not reach their proper destination.

The detail page does not have an "Update Product Info" link; what should I do?

If the detail page in question does not have an "update product info" link, or if the information you wish to correct is not covered by the Form, go to the Feedback box and click on the link next to "Is there any other feedback you would like to provide?"

Using the Catalog Update Form

When Should I Use the "Update Product Info" link?

Anytime you notice a typographical error or other incorrect information, or if you have information to add, we encourage you to submit corrections or additions. Click here for further information, including which stores offer the Catalog Update Form.

When Shouldn't I Use the "Update Product Info" link?

The corrections form is designed for specific, one-to-one changes. It may not be used to send messages to Amazon, ask questions, provide general feedback, or effect changes to fields not offered by the form.

If your information pertains to a catalog not covered by the form, or if there are no pertinent options under the form for the issue at hand, we encourage you to use the Feedback box. You can find the blue Feedback box near the bottom of any detail page. Simply click the link next to "Is there any other feedback you would like to provide?" Type in your feedback and click "Submit."

Please note that detail pages are meant to be unique to a single ISBN or UPC. They may not be reused for different editions, formats, volumes, or configurations of a product. If you are a seller and need help creating a page that you can use to sell your product, please visit the List Your Item page.

Determining the Correct Formatting

We follow basic formatting standards when changing or adding to the data on our site. Submissions may be reformatted during processing to fall into line with those standards. Visit our Stores & Standards page to learn more.

Verifying Your Submission

To give your submission the best chance of being approved, we have provided you with several verification options. You can send us a link to the pertinent product page on the manufacturer's Website, you can send us links to other Websites that directly confirm your submission, or you can upload images of the product.

Please note that the more authoritative your source, the more likely that your submission will be approved. Publisher/manufacturer Websites are the most trusted.

If you choose to send images, please be sure that the product shown is a clearly identifiable match to the ASIN at hand. The best way to do this is to include the ISBN or UPC in one of the submitted images. Also be sure that the image or images prove your proposed change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to sign in before I can use the form?

We ask you to sign in so that we can provide you with feedback regarding your submissions. In most instances, you will receive an e-mail once your suggestion has been processed.

I have the product in hand, but my suggestion was rejected; why?

There are a number of reasons this might happen:

  1. Verification. To protect the integrity of our site, we must verify submissions before they can be approved. If we are not able to verify your submission, it may be rejected. If available, be sure to include a link to an authoritative website which verifies the information in your request. You may also take a picture of the product that proves your submission and upload it via the Catalog Update Form; be sure to include the UPC or ISBN in your image, so we can verify that it matches the ASIN.
  2. Variation. ISBNs and UPCs are meant to be unique. However, a manufacturer may occasionally reuse their unique identifier for a variation of that product. In short, there may be two correct values for information on one of our detail pages. In such cases, we must attempt to display information that will be least likely to result in customers being disappointed with their orders.
  3. Misidentification. Each detail page is specific to a single ISBN or UPC. Sometimes different editions or versions of a product may look very similar to another edition or version. Be sure the changes you're submitting go with the specific detail page in question by searching for the ISBN or UPC on our site and selecting the detail page that results from that search. In addition, some stores display the ISBN or UPC within the "Product Details" section of the detail page.

I have the product in hand, but my suggestion was rejected; what recourse do I have?

If you're certain your suggested change is correct and wish to have it reconsidered, you are welcome to resend it via the Feedback box. The Feedback box allows you to include any explanation that may be helpful to us in making our decision. To locate the blue Feedback box, scroll to the bottom of the detail page. Click the link next to "Is there any other feedback you would like to provide?"

When you submit your message, it will be forwarded to the appropriate group. Although you will not receive a response, rest assured that each and every message sent via this form is personally reviewed by a staff member. If your request is approved, the change should appear online within three to five business days.

Where did the incorrect data come from?

Amazon receives item data and descriptive text from a variety of sources throughout the industry, including publishers and manufacturers, wholesalers, and third-party sellers. Unfortunately, this information can sometimes contain mistakes.

Why don't you already have more data for this product?

Amazon must rely on manufacturers and suppliers for information concerning the products they sell through us. The information displayed on any given detail page reflects the sum of what we have received -- which is why information from customers like you is so important to us. By sending us additional data, you are helping other customers find the products that best suit their needs.

Why don't some detail pages have the Catalog Update Form available?

It is our goal to make submitting corrections as easy as possible for customers. We hope to offer the Catalog Update Form for more stores in the future.

Why is the field I need to correct not covered by the Catalog Update Form?

Unfortunately, not all fields lend themselves well to correction via the Catalog Update Form. If you have feedback regarding a field not covered by the Form, we encourage you to use the Feedback box at the bottom of the detail page to send us your comments.