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Categories and Search Terms

Categories and Search Terms

Categories and search terms can help readers find your book more easily.

Search Terms
Updating Book Information


  • Browse paths are listed in this format:
    • Books > Travel > Africa > Morocco
    • Books > Literature & Fiction > Women's Fiction > Single Women Literature

  • We generally limit the number of assigned browse categories to two for each title. When data from publisher feeds is automatically added to a Product Detail Page, it sometimes results in more than two assigned browse paths.When making manual updates to your print edition book, we can allow a total of two Browse Categories to be displayed.

  • To make changes to the Browse Categories for your Kindle book, please log in to your Kindle Direct Publishing account or contact your publisher. You can read more information on changing the Kindle Browse Categories here.

  • To change the browse categories currently assigned to your print book, first take some time to peruse the categories in the "Books" section of our store here. Once you've found one or two Browse Paths you like, please let us know using the Contact Us option on the side of any Help page. In your e-mail, include the ISBN of the book, as well as your desired Browse Categories. If you originally published your book through CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing, please contact the customer service department through your account there--Author Central Customer Service won't be able to help you update books published through those services.

    On the Contact Us form:

    1. Under "Select an issue," select My Books.
    2. Under "Select details," select Update information about a book.
    3. In the fields that appear, select browse categories, and then I want to update my book's browse categories..

    We'll ask for the book's ASIN and which browse paths you would like replaced with new categories.

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Search Terms

To help your book appear more often in customer searches, we're able to add up to five different search terms, or subject keywords, to your book listings.

When choosing a search term for your book, it's important to find the balance between specificity and brevity. We recommend you choose the subject keywords most likely to be used by readers looking for your book's subject matter. Generally, an optimal word count for a single search term is 2-3 words.

To request an update to your book's search terms / subject keywords, please contact us.

If you prefer to e-mail us, we ask that you include the ISBN/ASIN of your book, as well as the five subject keywords you'd like associated with your book in our system.

We can't guarantee if or for how long search results will be affected by these keywords, as they're dependent on several factors. Search results are affected by past sales history, current availability, length of time books have been listed on our site, and books that other customers have found useful when conducting the same searches. These factors cause the search results on our website to change constantly to reflect the most recent information.

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Updating book information

If you published your book through CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing, you can update your book information through your account there. If you have trouble, you'll get te quickest answers by contacting the customer service departments available in those account. lp page do not have any information about correcting a book's title. We can provide information such as contact us link of CSP and KDP if they'd like to update their self published titles and we can also request them to get in touch with their publisher if they books are by traditional publishers.

You can update these things through your publishing account:

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Browse categories
  • Page length, reading level, and publication date