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Amazon Detail Pages

When you list books for sale on Amazon, the page where your book can be bought is called the "detail page." It includes title, cover, price, and all the other information you make available about it, and the information on that page is most critical to making sure your book appears in search results where potential customers can find it.

When you list books for sale, you'll be asked to provide a variety of details about them, and this information will appear on your detail pages. You might list your books through Kindle Direct Publishing or one of the other programs available for authors selling on Amazon, or you might have a publisher who provides that information on your behalf.

From time to time, you may want to update what's on your detail pages. If you have an active publisher or distributor for a title that our site lists as out of print, you will need to work with your them to register the title and provide us with updates on its availability.

If your publisher has an account such as Advantage or Vendor Central with Amazon, they can send a message through their account for help with registering the title.

If you've published your book with CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing, you can update your detail page information through those accounts. Author Central Customer Service won't be able to update your detail pages, but the other services can.